Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holiday Cat Layouts

While hubby is off working tonight I'm up for a little late night blogging. Working nights over the holidays at first "sounded" like a great idea, extra $$ and everything, but in reality, he hasn't been working full nights and has to work full days on either side of the swing shift which just throws our sleep cycles completely off. At least I'm off work for the week. So while I'm up I figured I'd share a few holiday layouts I just finished up.

Look what showed up under the tree!! Simple green cardstock background with a scrap piece of red pattern paper. Scenic Route arrow, "be merry" digital scrapbook element from Two Peas in a Bucket.

Christmas morning at our house. No kids but one truly spoiled cat. This year we got him a tie. He isn't a big fan of the hats and outfits we "encourage" him into. Usually the most fun he has is playing with the wrapping paper, but this year he seemed to actually like the tie. Paper is out of a Coordinates Collections Monthly Kit and some left over die cuts sitting on my table.
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