Monday, June 16, 2008

Craft Room

I've been wanting a real scrapbook room for awhile. It all started with a few supplies and a clear container. That quickly grew to a shelf, then the I quickly decided I no longer needed a desktop computer so my computer armoire was converted to a scrapbook station. Even with this wonderful piece of furniture I was soon lusting over full blown studios. This last weekend hubby agreed to wrestle the futon that had been taking up half the room and see if we could store it in our attic so I could use all of "the cat's" room for my obsession. Later after a trip to IKEA and <$100 I settled (for now) on a computer desk with shelves. We rearranged the room and I love all the space and access to all my stuff. (BTW the boxes under the new desk are unfortunately not boxes of scrapbook supplies, they are part of our downs stairs that is still lacks flooring. I forgot to move them before taking the picture.)

I think I still want a fun carpet. I really like this one in the 5'6" round. And I most definately need a new chair. I'm not sure how the chair will mesh with the carpet... will I be able to roll between to two work spaces... or a stationary chair that I need to move if necessary. Things to think about. But without question I do need a new chair: mine is old (~14 yrs to be exact), not comfortable and totally not cute!!

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