Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Paper Heaven

Since I'm still off this week on vacation!! I headed off today to do some shopping at Santana Row, one of my favorite spots to wander when I have free time (which is far too infrequent). I started off by picking up a sweetened hot jasmine green tea with milk (no pearls today). And headed off to my first stop Anthropology. I absolutely love this store. I love the all of the colors and the patterns and the housewares and just the way the store feels. I love all the clothes on the hanger and despite the fact that every time I've tried anything on it's looked awful on me I still must do at least one lap around the store when I'm in the area. Then I headed to Paper Source.

Some very good friends gave me a gift card for the holidays and I haven't had a chance to start spending it yet. Today was my first chance. I was so excited. This is another one of my favorite stores at Santana Row. They have AMAZING wrapping papers that are like works of art that I admire. They also have some scrapbooking supplies, envelopes galore and all sorts of other fun miscellaneous fun paper related items. This trip I picked up this amazing pick polka dot paper ( It feels amazing, is that a weird thing to say about paper?), a couple of beautiful sheets of cherry blossom vellum, heavy envelopes, crystal lines, a couple small inks, an envelope templates that I have been lusting for since I first saw them. Now they are mine!!!! ;) It's good day!!!

Normally next up would have been the Container Store. However, today there was nothing that I really "needed" and I had a long list of errands I still needed to get to. So I took a quick spin through tried and true Ann Taylor Loft, love this store (at least for work / dressy casual clothing). It was at this point I concluded the colors for spring are green, yellow and blue..... not sure how I'm feeling about this.

Now I just need to find time to dig into my new goodies!!
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