Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday Ornament... (2008)

It's been tradition for probably well over a decade that I make some sort of an ornament for close friends and family. Well for the first year in over a decade I just wasn't ready. I mean Christmas is "my" holiday. I don't really like Halloween, I've been known to completely forget it was Easter, but Christmas?! When we were little it used to mean sharing a bedroom with my brother waiting for Santa, now it means getting to see him and my sister in law for one of their twice a year voyages to this side of the country. This year time just got away from me. There are lots of reasons and I won't bore anyone reading this with them, but needless to say this that didn't get done in time included holiday cards that went out late and ornaments that didn't get made until AFTER Christmas. So officially only one made it out this year. And so it doesn't happen next year I've started on next years ornaments so that disaster doesn't strike 2x in a row.

Directions to the lone ornament that got sent out can be found on the Bead & Button web site design by Diane Schroer.
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