Saturday, May 17, 2008

Year in Review - Challenge #13

This challenge was to capture what you are looking forward to most about spring. This one is maybe a bit more about my husband, but that's OK. I'm pretty sure he counts down the days until spring training and the start of baseball season. It's a long day to head up to the city for a SF Giants game, but last year we discovered the fun of going to minor league games. They are totally low key, have fun little games between innings, but old school style, no fancy cable car races here.... it's wooden horse heads on sticks that race behind the fence... oh ya that's what I'm talking about ;), beer batters, double double batter, bingo, the list goes on. It's fun I tell ya!! Plus it doesn't cost all that much so if we only feel like staying for half a game that's alright too. So here's my layout to capture spring which can only mean one thing!.... Batter Up!

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